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I'm Matt Setchell (cheeky pic above of me with my pooch, Dexter).   I have been an art director and graphic designer for over 25 years, image making for a variety of brands across fashion, beauty and lifestyle.  Take a look if you fancy

I've always loved graphic art and typography and often make little prints and cards for friends and family, so I thought why not create some and open a little online shop, so here we are.

Inspired by the print process colours of CMYK, digital colours of RGB and black and white (see FAQ for more info) I like to create graphic and playful prints which hopefully raise a smile and bring a little joy.

So you feel you are getting something a little special all my prints are limited to 50, all signed and come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

If you like what you see go forth and adorn your walls!

Smile on!

Matt & Dexter